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How we work

Our first site visit is free and without obligation - after which we produce a Brief evaluating your current garden state, and defining our understanding of your garden landscaping needs.

Generally we like to break your needs into bite-size projects which can then be more easily specified in terms of timing, design-input, labour and materials, landscaping and soil improvement, and fundamentally the budget and schedule for perhaps two solutions.

We attempt to make our accounting reasonably transparent - you pay for our expertise, and we buy in materials, plants, and services at the best possible rate and charge you a commission.

Generally within 7/10 days we will respond with a specification which provides a basis for discussion from which to progress. We are happy to work on a fixed price per project, or work to a defined budget, or you may choose to commission us working from our rate card.

As clients and their gardens are unique we are flexible in our approach and tailor our work and accounting to the individual project. In practice we often stay in touch with developments of your garden through an establishment phase. We can offer an ‘owner’s manual’ to regular maintenance, perhaps returning each season to develop specific areas of the plan.

We are happy to put a team together to blitz a particular problem area, ready a garden 'For Sale', for a special occasion, or other specialist horticultural activity.

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Click here to arrange your free no obligation visit and quote.